There is a children’s nursery available during the Sunday service times with at least one adult present. The nursery is located in the addition, behind the sanctuary.

Please sign your child in on the form provided and pick them up before Sunday school and fellowship time. Contact Liana Szczecinski, Susan Post or Michelle Jaquith for more information, or if you’d be willing to help out in the nursery.


Located in the fellowship hall by the door to the sanctuary. Feel free to borrow books! Sign them out using the file box provided and leaving the index card with your name on it. For questions, or to donate a book, contact Michelle Jaquith.

Prayer Chain & Letter

Confidential and immediate prayer requests are placed on the phone prayer chain through Barb Walsh (899-4032) or Claire Silman (858-9064). An emailed prayer letter goes out each night containing non-confidential prayer requests. If you have a request, please call the office at 899-4911, or e-mail Ed Chase at

If you would like to join the day-time phone prayer chain call the office. Similarly, you can e-mail Ed at the above address to join his daily email list.